Theory of Cap’s Bisexuality – Intro

Marvel_GIF_by_missacheeseThe Marvel Comics universe has a handful of characters that have identified themselves as gay or lesbian, which portrays a realistic demographic as seen in the real world. However, not much can be said for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which is terribly lacking in LGBT representation. Even the Comics universe doesn’t have any big name superheroes that have identified as homosexual (1).

In one of Marvel’s most recent films Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the movie audience is introduced to Captain America’s struggle in a more modern time. The audience gets several moments of screen time as he reminisces in his past friendships and his new ones, and we get a more human, grounded feel to a person that is glorified by thousands and practically treated as the almighty saint. Captain America is hailed as a hero in both the fictional and real world, with a wide demographic of fans from nearly every background.

A section of the fandom for the Marvel universe has come up with their lots of analysis for reading in-between-the-lines that would make their high school English teachers proud. The fandom has found reason to believe that America’s #1 superhero has plausible means for having a non-heterosexual identity. They even went as far as conducting a twitter campaign to catch the attention of media and fellow fans (2). Something that these fans wish to be made canon, or official, is proper representation of the LGBT community in the Marvel films, especially since that is the world that younger generations are being exposed to, although claims and evidence derive from both the comic book and cinematic universe. Although Steve Rogers shared a relationship with Margaret “Peggy” Carter in the 1940s, his sexuality is questionable because of his relationship with James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes during that time period and interactions with Samuel Wilson in modern time.

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