Theory of Cap’s Bisexuality – Sam Wilson

Not even a full five minutes into Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it was like watching a romantic comedy. If you don’t see it, then let’s go over it shall we?


Steve Rogers decided one morning to wear the tightest shirt he owns, and go out for a jog to tease the only other guy running this track at some weird hour. And keep in mind that this is their first meeting. Unsurprisingly, Sam does not respond to this stranger running past him.


Steve makes it clear that he is teasing Sam by circling around him again. This time, he gets acknowledged. But that isn’t quite good enough.


This makes for an amusing “running gag” trope pun totally intended, and this line will come up again near the end of the movie. Sort of like the repeated lines from Captain America: The First Avenger were foreshadowing this. (Won’t give any spoilers on that yet.)

Shortly after their jog, Steve approaches Sam and strikes up casual conversation with Sam. Then they even exchange some definitely flirtatious banter.

tumblr_n3m7xkutg81qi1b4ko1_500 tumblr_n3m7xkutg81qi1b4ko2_500

If you don’t see it yet, then just pretend that Sam was a girl. Wow. Whole new perspective, huh? And just look at those faces. So precious.



Stars and stripes.



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